ASIN to EAN Converter Tool, September 2016

I’ve just finished up a new web-tool that will allow people to convert ASIN to EAN, UPC and ISBN.

ASIN is the barcode format that Amazon uses, the others are popular standards.

The converter will help people that are looking to compare prices with other websites or simply find their products elsewhere.

It also doubles up as a great tool for people using Amazon for arbitrage.

Check it out,

I think the most useful part is that you can bulk convert. Most other sites only except one input, or they charge for their services.

This is free!

It’s written using PHP, JS (jQuery) & the obvious CSS/HTML.. I’ve been working a lot more on my PHP recently. OOP PHP to be specific. It’s going well!


Until next time, Josh.

August 2016 Updates

Missed my July post, but not to worry. On Summer holidays at the moment so I’m away from uni, working on a lot of new projects that I’m coding from scratch. Improving my PHP so I create some SASS services and more web-apps in my bid to own various “digital assets”.

Finished my first PHP based web-app, a YouTube thumbnail grabber, approx 3 days ago.. Was interesting.. Frustrating at first as PHP doesn’t really follow the same OOP fundamentals as Java.. But, they’re fairly similar so not to difficult.

I’ve got another project almost completed that’s going to be great.. Almost finished it.. Stay subscribed so you can find out what “SoQ” is the September updates!

New Projects

  • YouTube Thumbnail Grabber (Completed)
  • “SoQ” (Started, Nearing Completion; name hidden to conceal idea)
    • A social “viral-esque” PHP web-app written from scratch
    • I will drive inital traffic with PPC ads..
    • Monetize with PPI, CPC .etc – normal ad banners


True Miller

Lagged behind on content recently as working on other projects. Traffic is still fairly stable around 100-300 hits per day. About 9 views per hour, every hour of the day; not loads, but hey, still makes money

My YouTube channel, however, has been growing consistently in a nice positive trend.

Comp Sci Miller

Not really taken off yet, needs more content. Nothing to comment on at the moment. Will continue once I’m back at university and I have computer science content to revise with (post about).

eBay Business

Going well still. Slowed during July, August is proving much better. Done £11.5k in sales the past 3 months.

Will not discuss profits .etc as QuickBooks is currently broken. Done over 150 items so far this month (on 15th Aug).

Dropped power-seller this month.. Really annoying.. Only by 0.4%…


Name concealed. Went viral first few days thanks to reddit, but need a consistent feed of content for audience. Will seek out a “social media manager” soon. Traffic not impressive since initial boom, not posting.

Affiliate Sales  & Referrals

  • MassPlanner, 8 sales
    • £150~ rev since last post
  • SEOClerks, lots of sales..
    • £1000~ rev since last post
  • CPAGrip, 159 refferals all time..
    • Referrals are slowing down in earnings, lack of interest I assume; I have messaged them to offer help..
  • WhatUsersDo, 239 referrals all time..
    • Shame about it being PPL and not recurring earnings

June 2016 Updates

As usual, lots has happened since the last post. I don’t have too much time so I’m going to bullet point out a few major pointers.

New Projects

  • Comp-sci Miller
    • Java, Programming, Computer Science related topics .etc
    • Started
  • “S2DL” (shall not mention real name until completion)
    • Begun coding
    • Projected to be online by end of the year
    • Large potential outlook!

Project Updates

  • eBay Business
    • Going well, found full automation software for it, mostly passive income at the moment
  • True Miller
    • Had to put on hold due to exams
    • Still generating passive income
    • Social media marketing plugins are keeping the site alive
    • Still doing 200+ new visitors per day
    • YouTube is still generating passive income
  • Amazon FBA
    • Not had time to ship more product in due to exams
  • Affiliate earnings
    • Mass Planner
      • Going well, still pulling sales passively
    • SEOClerks
      • The same as MP
  • Other projects
    • (Will not mention real name, known as “T6” hereafter
      • Going viral-ish
      • Not really turning much profit AT THE MOMENT
      • Did 4 figure hits on first day
      • Aim to break mid 5 figures by next month
  • Bitcoin
    • What can I say, bull market, lovely

Annoyances & Closures

  • Envy The Money
    • Social media accounts banned due to overly aggressive automation.
    • Closed down.
  • Watch Viral
    • I fear the content may cause copyright concerns, I shall not continue this project.
    • Closed down
  • “F2” (shall not mention real name)
    • Poor traffic, bad prior market analysis, under-performed.
    • Closed down.
  • eBay Business
    • “A” (shall not mention real name) was unhappy with a few items, caused a few issues mid-month, however, back on track for now.
    • Continuing
  • True Miller
    • Some plugins seem to break every so often, very annoying, leaves site slightly erronous at times.
    • Continuing

Until next time, Josh

February 2016 Updates

It feels like a whole bunch as happened since I last posted here. True Miller has been going great, got myself a shiny new theme, getting a load of subscribers too. The Adsense payments aren’t really to do die for yet, but, I’ve put a strategy in place to get more people subscribed to the site. Hopefully that will increase my user retention.

Envy The Money didn’t really work out, the freelancers that I was using didn’t really produce content that cut it unfortunately. And I didn’t have time to sift through and make appropriate edits.

The eBay business is going good, hit Silver Powerseller, not sure if that was last month or this month, but yeah. All sweet in that department.

True Miller’s YouTube channel got a strike for teaching people how to get more Instagram followers. I appealed, but it was denied. Hey ho, 6 months of videos less that 15 mins and no external linking.

The Amazon FBA hasn’t done too badly, not as great as expected, but I’ve moved 2 of the 10 items so far. I’ll be sure to do thorough research next time I pick an item. There are lots of competing items in the same niche that are cheaper–something I overlooked as a newbie to Amazon FBA.

I’ve started up a new blog, the title I won’t mention here, but I’ve got the content ready. 10 articles, great content, written by a Lifehacker author. Also SEO optimised. All social media accounts are up and running nicely, just waiting for a nice indexing from Google so I can get ranking.

I stopped pushing AMonetize stuff. In my honest opinion they’re a poor quality network. The affiliate links always get changed and return 404s. Waste of traffic.


Envy The Money, My New Luxury List Blog

A while back I read a fantastic post by ShoutMeLoud. He was talking about how he’d started up an adsense micro-niche blog using Cydia, or some sort of Android app hack store app thing. To cut a long story short, by throwing in some blog-posts and doing some good SEO, he’d made a bunch of money. Fairly generic micro-niche, decent traffic, not really my forte.
So the whole thing prompted me to blog about something more popular, something I like. So I chose luxury stuff.

Hey presto, Envy The Money is born

Although I don’t have many luxury items, I’m good with computers and I like the sound of $1 million watches, puppies, cars and mansions.

I’d initially bought the domain to take a shot at doing some sort of CPA sweepstakes program, but it never really took off. During the first ETM push I’d already built the social media profiles, and they’d be left to mature for a while. So I had my Twitter, FB, G+ and pinterest (which I never really use anyway) all ready.

My first really shot at social media

A friend of my mine is having some success automating his social media accounts. So I thought I’d give it a go. Russ-led up some luxury goods and generic spin tags .etc, and scheduled all my Twitter, FB and Instagram. Obviously with the blog as the call to action URL on every page.

But now I’m faced with the content problem. I’m already blogging for True Miller, running an eBay business, studying for my degree exams in Jan, celebrating xmas, new year and my girlfriends birthday. So I decided to take a shot a outsourcing my blog content.

Outsourcing my blog content

I’ve been using iWriter for a few months now, even wrote a post about it on True Miller. It’s good, but there’s so much spun fuckery on there that for me it’s simply not worth the wait to get a crispy golden article. I had some prick do half an article and then insult me for the other half so he could meet the word count in hopes the automated acceptance bullshit would tick over and he’d get his $2.

So instead I’ve gone with The first employee was shit, but now I’ve got a really promising american woman who’s doing her MA (I think) in Anth and/or English lit, don’t really remember. But the article she’s sent me on “the most valuable stamps” is really good. So you’ll be seeing that on there soon.

Future of Envy The Money

I’m kinda hoping this site will take off for it’s popular and clean content. Perhaps it’s just me, but I know i’ve definitely searched “most expensive dog” and “most expensive diamonds” at least 10 times in my life so far. And if I were to find a site with loads of expensive stuff I’d probably end up lost on there for a good few minutes.

The hope is that Adsense will hook me up with some hi-roller ads with a high CPC. After all the content is about the most expensive stuff on the planet.

Anyway, thats all for now.

2016, New Year Updates

A lot has changed since the last blog. For a start, Make Money Online with Josh and Software Pug have been merged into True Miller. The eBay business–currently operating under Stimuk1–is really starting to take off, in December it broke the £400 net profit mark; although its nothing I’ll be buying a Bugatti with any time soon, for one profit stream I’m really pleased with how it’s working out.


One of my previous CPA projects wasn’t really converting all to well. So, I decided to venture back into the realm of PPI. I recently got accepted to AMonetize, using InstallPath. I like their marketing tools, although a little unpolished, so far so good. Given the entire CPA monetized blog was dragging along at maybe $1-2 a week after I stopped updating it, turning $1-5 a day through PPI for the first 3 days is a much more attractive sum. Given this, I’ve gone on to convert 3 of my old CPA projects–which have since died out to pennies a day–into PPI monetized sites. I’d really recommend this for everyone. I’m considering pushing some of these sites a bit harder to see what they can turn over, the only downside is the bastard NET45 payments that AMonetise is paying.

My First Amazon FBA Item

I’m really excited to be posting off my first Amazon FBA items in the next few days too. I managed to snag 10 items priced down really low today, £4.80 a piece. Currently they’re being sold for £14.99 + £3~ economy postage. So after all the FBA fees, postage costs and other malarkey I’ll be rolling in approx 100% ROI for each item. Provided they all sell. But hell, I needed to give it a shot.

First #Amazon FBA package ready for collection. Fingers crossed for #profit.

A photo posted by Josh Miller (@joshmilleruk) on

I’ll be posting an update on how this goes in the future!

SEOClerks Affiliates Lagging

SEOClerks has been going a bit slow too. I’m struggling to really brand True Miller with free WordPress themes, so I’m considering buying a premium theme for a more professional look. At the end of the day, if you look at Moz or John Chow, these sites look professional. I want to replicate the same so I can pull in a strong following and up my conversion rates.

Seoclerks Affiliate Earnings
SEOClerks Affiliate stats…

To push more people to SEOClerks I’ve put a bunch of links to popular services all over True Miller, but even then, it’s slow. And despite the 57 referred members and $556 revenue generated, I’m only upto approx $70 in earnings through them. Pants if you ask me. However, I suppose you do get the commission for all future purchases so it’s a long-term thing. Passive income if you will.

CPAGrip Referrals & WhatUsersDo Refferals

My CPAGrip referalls haven’t been doing too badly either. Had a guy called “Aneel P” brake the $1k mark recently. Which I suppose isn’t bad at all, and the 5% commission isn’t bad either! It makes me happy to know that people reading my guides on True Miller are doing well.

Aneel P Cpagrip Referral Commision

Still miffed that the double figures referrals for DirectCPV I got haven’t produced a single commission, and that the WhatUsersDo referrals haven’t really been making me any money, despite having over 100.

whatusersdo referalls
107 What Users Do Referalls

And of this 107 refferals I’m being paid a healthy £2.

WhatUsersDo Referall Payments

So yeah, I’m not pushing them any more.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Until next time,